Airdrop is a free item that you can earn with membership or reward to achieve certain conditions.

Golf balls for all presales members will be converted into paid products upon commencement of service.

Lucky Box is a bonus only for users participating in BitGolf Friendship Achievement Event.

10 golf balls

Available to all users who participate presales. When the game service is started, it is a necessary item for golf competition.

Quantity left

Lucky Box


The product is accompanied by a friend reference bonus of 20%, you can get step-by-step benefits based on the number of friends you refer. Acquisition of this item is limited in presales event.

  • step1 Pro glasses10 friends
  • step2 Pro Iron30 friends
  • step3 Master Cap70 friends
  • step4 Master Driver100 friends
  • step5 Champion Driver200 friends
  • Terms of Service

    - When the available quantity is exhausted, it will not drop any more.

    - Items acquired by Airdrop are limited to purchase and sale.

    - The Lucky Box will be given when it meets each of the achievement conditions.

    - The Lucky Box will be closed after presales.